IPL Experience at STRIP The Curve!

IPL is a semi permanent hair reduction treatment. It is recommended that a follow-up should be done every 6 weeks. (You will NOT be completely furless!)

After the first session, your hair will apparently “drop out” in small patches. o_O

Eventually, after 5-6 sessions, the amount of hair will reduce significantly (6x less) than normal.

Today I’ll be sharing with you my personal experience after undergoing my first Brazilian and Underarm IPL session at Strip The Curve.

121B, 1st Floor
The Curve, Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara, 47810
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Telephone: +60 3-7726 5119

Business hours: 10AM–10PM

I was greeted by 2 lovely ladies as I entered the boutique. I was assigned Chloe as my IPL therapist.

We entered the dimly lit treatment room where an aromatherapy candle was lit. It was pretty dark as I entered but somehow that made me feel more comfortable.

(Duh, its not really comforting to know that you’ll be semi naked below in a bright room!)

Chloe then handed me the IPL Hygiene kit below:

I was given the hygiene wipe to use on myself before the treatment started.

The treatment itself is very basic and really just a 2-step process.

But I’ll break it down for you guys:

  1. The process starts by Chloe shaving any remaining hair on the underarm and bikini area with a new, clean, disposable razors. (Think she used 5-6 razors on me)
  2. She then used a baby wipe to clean the area, followed by a disinfectant.
  3. Next, she applied this blue FREEZING gel with a clean spatula (not joking – a blue cooling gel that came out from the freezer) and applied it to a section of the area.
  4. Here comes the IPL part, she warns me about the sensations I am about to feel. The IPL machine radiates a red light and delivers an intense focus energy to weaken the hair follicle. I was given superhero/ secret agent goggle glasses to wear prior.
  5. The moment the IPL machine touched the surface of skin covered with gel, it was a warm, soothing sensation. It did NOT hurt. Trust me, if you’ve gone for waxing sessions in the past, you can handle IPL like a pro. No biggie. There were occasional little ‘ant bite’ sensations on the bikini area (much more sensitive, duh), but definitely painless for the underarms. Like literally, 0/10 pain.
  6. Chloe uses the machine in a circular manner on the area. She did 3 reps on each area for my underarms, and 4 reps on the bikini (and butt, well.. butt crack) area.
  7. After she completed all the sections, she finished off by applying ‘Ice Cream’ on the treated area – to keep the skin moisturized and less sensitive. (skin will get a little dry and irritated after the IPL treatment)

Chloe was very professional and to make the situation fun and casual, we talked about traveling and cool tropical islands. It was a very comfortable session. I have gone to Strip for waxing before and I must say all the staff is excellently trained and superbly professional. I didn’t feel awkward, or embarrassed, or uncomfortable at all. Yay!After the treatment, (underarms took about 15 minutes and bikini/ Brazilian area took about 50 minutes), I was greeted with a warm cup of tea at the front desk.

I was also scheduled in for my follow up appointment in 5 weeks. She also reminded me of the do’s and don’ts after my IPL treatment.

  • no intense sweating
  • no extreme workouts
  • no sauna/ steam room
  • no sunbathing/ sun exposure
  • no waxing, plucking, tweezing
  • no scrubbing

Thank you Strip Malaysia for allowing me to experience a pain free, comfortable and delightful experience to remove and reduce my unsightly body hair! I appreciate it so very much. (I feel more feminine already) Looking forward to my next session with Chloe! Book your session today – you won’t regret it.

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