New LANEIGE White Dew Skin Care Range

“Laneige launches the world’s first patented moisture whitening skin care line – White Dew Laneige’s new moisture whitening skin care line, White Dew, contains a full range of products to unleash the Sparkling Beauty in you.”

The top skin care concern for a majority of Asian women is skin tone, especially for those who are younger. A recent survey conducted by Amorepacific shows that Asian women tend to prefer brighter skin tones and seek products that are able to mitigate reddish or yellowish skin tone, uneven or dull skin tone, blemishes and acne scars. All these skin tone concerns are normally melanin-related. For example, brightness in skin tone is closely related to melanin formation, while melanin linked to yellowish tones is normally the main cause of skin dullness. Understanding that skin brightness can be improved by controlling melanin, Laneige has used this knowledge to create the world’s first patented moisture whitening skin care line – White Dew.

Why Moisture Whitening?

The Story behind White Dew The team behind the development of this product observed an increased moisture loss around hyperpigmentation. An abnormal increase or differentiation of keratinocyte leads to an increase in loss of moisture. This then causes an increase in melanin formation and movement, which ultimately leads to pigmentation on the skin. Melanin formation can be controlled in two forms – first, by regulating differentiation of keratinocyte (hydration whitening); second, by regulating movement of water in skin cells (moisture whitening). As a result, the science behind White Dew is based on the fundamental role hydration and moisture plays in skin brightening. White Dew is Laneige’s patented moisture whitening product based on holding water in the skin to brighten skin tone.

Mela-vita CrusherTM technology

The new Laneige White Dew skin care range contains Mela-vita CrusherTM as its key product technology, which functions to regulate moisture and produce a whitening effect, promote autolysis and provide a soothing effect for skin. There are three key ingredients in this technology that help improve skin tone.

  • Saururus Chinensis Bail has three white parts – the root, leaf and petal. The root of the Saururus Chinensis plant is rich in Manassantin B, an ingredient which is effective in improving and preventing pigmentation caused by city stress. This main functional ingredient in Amorepacific’s proprietary Mela-vita CrusherTM technology gives the White Dew products their moisture control and whitening properties. The Saururus Chinensis extract controls melanin formation by filling up the skin with moisture through osmotic stress.
  • Truffle / Mushroom Yeast Extract promotes melanosome decomposition by inducing autophagy in melanocytes. This autophagy technology promotes autolysis of melanin, resulting in improved skin tone.
  • Vitamin B5 Precursor combats the melanin formation and skin irritation caused by external environments such as UV rays and skin pollutants. This ingredient provides a soothing effect with moisturisation, an essential element for skin care efficacy.

Phyto-sugar Water

Combined with White Dew’s Mela-vita CrusherTM technology, Phyto-sugar Water is extracted from plant ingredients as a natural sweetener to help deliver quicker effects. Phyto-sugar Water contains two types of plant sugars as its main functional ingredients – trehalose and raffinose. These sugars are easily dissolved in water to replenish moisture in the skin and boost the effects of the Laneige White Dew line.

  • Trehalose is a sugar ingredient found in Selaginella Lepidophylla, a plant that can be restored to its original state simply by watering it, even if it has been dry for a long time. This plant contains an exceptionally high sugar content, compared to other plants. This plant’s sugar ingredient, trehalose, is a core component of Phyto-sugar Water.
  • Raffinose is a trisaccharide consisting of D-glucose, Dfructose and D-galactose. It exists in plants such as sugar beet and ginger, and it is also found in black beans with green kernel. The Phyto-sugar Water in Laneige White Dew contains raffinose obtained from sugar beet. This ingredient offers a moisturising effect with minimal stickiness, playing a role in controlling the sticky feeling often found in moisturising products. Raffinose does more than supply moisture to the skin; it also purifies skin and has been found to be effective at controlling biofilm, which is harmful to the skin.

Product range

White Dew Milk Cleanser, 150ml (RM100)

A quick-lathering cleanser with a milky texture that is mild on the skin. This cleanser has a low viscosity and milky formula that lathers into a creamy foam, to thoroughly but gently cleanse while leaving skin refreshed after rinsing. This cleanser contains Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate, a cleansing ingredient originating from amino acids that constitute the skin, to provide a moisturising finish. Its rich, creamy lather also works to thoroughly remove impurities and debris from the skin, leaving it clear and bright.

White Dew Skin Refiner, 120ml (RM125)

A light and refreshing moisture whitening skin refiner that replenishes moisture while evening out skin tone. This refiner’s light and watery texture that converts into water droplets when spread on skin allows for quicker absorption into the skin to effectively hydrate and improve skin tone. Applied after cleansing, this refiner provides sufficient hydration with the moisturising effects of sugars in its ingredients. It also contains cell detox ingredients that promote the detox effect in skin cells.

White Dew Emulsion, 100ml (RM140)

A moisture whitening emulsion with a fluid-like texture that absorbs into the skin in a form that resembles water, to brighten and hydrate the skin. One of its ingredients, lecithin, forms a layer on the skin to lock-in moisture for long hours.

White Dew Original Ampoule Essence, 40ml (RM220)

A powerful moisture whitening ampoule essence with Mela-vita CrusherTM, which lightens dark spots and improves skin tone to deliver flawlessly clear skin. This concentrated ampoule formula works from within the skin to effectively lighten spots and even out the skin tone for a bright and flawless complexion. Its condensed and concentrated formula instantly replenishes skin moisture, absorbing quickly to form a moisture film over the skin to lock-in the moisture whitening effect for long hours. This original ampoule essence has a stronger effect on spots, with its whitening ingredient Saururus Chinensis, exfoliating ingredient acetylglucosamine and vitamin C, combined to create an even skin tone. It also has irritation-relieving ingredients such as panthenol and β-glucan to soothe irritated skin, while its high concentration of polymolecular moisturising factor hyaluronic acid and glycerin polymer effectively retain moisture inside the skin.

White Dew Tone-up Cream, 50ml (RM165)

A moisture whitening tone-up cream with a moisture-rich emulsion-like texture that instantly brightens yellowish and dull skin tone. This tone-up cream’s oil/water emulsion formula containing dispersed TiO2 delivers the tone-up effect without pigments or darkening, while its white emulsion formula instantly brightens up skin tone and provides rich hydration. It also contains particles coated with skin-friendly amino acid derivatives used to naturally conceal dull skin tones in a moisturising way. This toneup cream comes with a water drop puff for seamless application.

White Dew Intensive Eye Mask, 8 sheets (RM105)

A double-layered eye patch which brightens the dull skin around the eyes by promoting blood circulation with a warming effect around the W-zone, which is prone to freckles and blemishes. Its thin coated film fits well around the curves of the eye area, and enhances the delivery of active ingredients. This eye gel patch comes in the form of a double-layered fabric with cuprammonium rayon (cupra) on the inside and is coated with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) film on the outside. This acts as a protective coating to prevent moisture loss and enhance the delivery of active ingredients to the skin, while the natural cupra fabric against the skin provides comfort without irritation. The EVA film traps body heat within the mask to provide a warming effect to the W-zone, which is prone to freckles and blemishes, to promote blood circulation and improve the appearance of dark circles.

White Dew Purifying Mask, 12 capsules (RM150)

A wash-off mask that removes dead skin cells and clears oxidized pores gently, yet effectively to reveal instantly brighter and more radiant skin.

The full Laneige White Dew moisture whitening skin care range except the Original Cream and Capsule Sleeping Pack will be launched at all Laneige beauty counters and boutiques nationwide starting March 2017. The White Dew Original Cream and Capsule Sleeping Pack will be launched in July 2017.

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