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The challenges of rampant urbanization for the skin

Today, for the first time in History, over half of the world’s population lives in an urban environment, whether in cities, metropolises, or even supercities. The proportion of people with an urban lifestyle is increasing drastically around the globe and this situation is accompanied by hyper-urbanisation phenomena that expose the body to new forms of environmental aggressors. City air is polluted with ne particles, toxic gases and ozone, which becomes harmful when it is found at ground level.

The consequences on health are undeniable, especially for the most vulnerable. Pollution has also become a major issue at stake for the skin. The interface between the body and the external environment, the skin finds itself on the frontline facing new types of pollution. It experiences the full force of environmental aggressors, in addition to internal forms of pollutions ingested through breathing or diet. It is attacked on two fronts, so much so that urban populations age faster than the rest of the world’s population1.

Pollution is the new UV

There has never been such a strong realisation of the harmful role played by pollution. Accordingly, women instinctively identify them as ones of their skin’s main aggressors,
just behind stress and a lack of sleep2. UV rays have long been considered as partly responsible for the formation of pigmentation marks. This is why for the past few years the Lancôme laboratories have been striving to raise women’s awareness of the need for an optimum protection routine.

Offering the skin a “safe zone”

Lancôme is incorporating this promise of a “safe zone” into a new skincare and make-up ritual dedicated to city dwellers who, day after day, want to say no to pollution-induced dark spots and signs of ageing. A ritual that promises to restore sought-after skin clarity and a fresh, rosy, dewy complexion – a sign of youthfulness.

Because the sometimes suffocating urban environment makes you dream of fresh, light and airy sensations on the skin, Lancôme has also crafted textures with an evanescent sensory feel, a source of instant well-being:

UV Expert Youth ShieldTM, Aqua Gel SPF50 PA ++++, which combats long UVA rays, UVB rays and pollution.

Blanc Expert Mousse Lotion, the no-rinse toner that hydrates and plumps up the skin + Blanc Expert Spot Eraser, the iconic skincare that targets dark spots.

Blanc Expert Cushion Light Coverage, protective second-skin light coverage. Blanc Expert Cushion High Coverage, protective second-skin high coverage.

The Lancôme solution: a cocktail of antioxidant and anti-pollution active ingredients, which are found in the Blanc Expert-UV Expert formulas

While giving up this hectic urban life is out of the question, it is, however, possible to effectively protect your skin from modern pollution, by offering it a “safe zone” to preserve its radiance. A global strategy lies at the heart of this innovative approach, which prioritizes antioxidant active ingredients to ensure that pollution, whatever its nature, has no chance of impairing the skin’s integrity:

• Moringa: the leaves of this tree native to India, renowned for its “300 benefits”, are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. Known for its action on pollution and against the fine particles that adhere to and penetrate the skin, Moringa is found in UV Expert Aqua Gel and Blanc Expert Cushion.

• Vitamin E: it is vital for the body but is not produced by it in any ways. Vitamin E has many positive roles, including its important antioxidant action, traps the free radicals and has anti-ageing virtues. Vitamin E is present in UV Expert Aqua Gel.

The ultra-protective refreshing veil: UV Expert Youth Shield Aqua Gel SPF 50 PA++++

Lancôme has incorporated filters and active ingredients at the heart of this aqueous gel that maintain a “safe zone” for all skin types. In addition, the texture delivers nutrition and hydration to every dermis, even sensitive, with an extremely lightweight action.

The texture benefits from a polymer that breaks open on application, enveloping the skin in a wave of freshness. Unprecedented sensations for a protective product.

• Its assets: Effective protection against UV rays and air pollutants. Intense hydration. A beneficial aqueous texture.

As proven by tests:
– It protects against UVA and UVB rays and pollution.
– Sebum peroxidation decreases by 93%: it reduces oxidative damage caused by the duo of UV & pollution.

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