LANEIGE’s New Water Bank Double Layering Oil

Perfect hydration and skin radiance now possible with LANEIGE’s New Water Bank Double Layering Oil
Relieve inner skin tightness and replenish the skin for a supple moisture radiance with LANEIGE Water Bank range

The cold weather can be harsh and tough on the skin, making it more susceptible to damage. As a result, skin becomes dry, tight, and prone to cracks. As the temperature drops, less oil is secreted from the oil glands, causing the skin surface to become dehydrated quickly as there is no protective barrier. The use of heating devices adds to the damage as it dries the air around the skin, slowing down the exfoliation process and thus creating dead skin cells. Moving from a cold to warm place can also take a toll on the skin as the rapid temperature change causes capillary vessels to expand, resulting in face flushing.

To counteract the effects of cold weather, most people rely on creams and oil to treat their dry skin. However, applying generous amounts of ultra-moisturising creams and oil is not enough, and can still leave the skin feeling dry and tight. This is because the optimum water to oil ratio for the skin is not maintained. To achieve hydrated skin, maintaining the right proportion of water and oil ratio on the skin surface is extremely important. This is particularly the case for women, as they face a rapid decrease in sebum secretion with age.

LANEIGE Water Bank range goes a step further by activating the skin’s natural ability to create moisture on its own with the infusion of Hydro Ion Mineral Water and Moisturising Biogene TechnologyTM. LANEIGE Water Bank range will not only help the skin to naturally create moisture, but also work together to strengthen the skin’s ability to hold and retain moisture in the skin.

As water science experts, LANEIGE is now introducing the new Water Bank Double Layering Oil, adding on to their Water Bank line. The new LANEIGE Water Bank Double Layering Oil was developed after discovering the perfect combination of moisture and oil in the form of crystal drops. The moment the crystal drops touch the skin, optimum oil and moisture are dispensed, conveying Hydro-Ion Mineral Water deep into the skin with Moisture RoofTM technology to create a perfect moisture barrier and glow on the skin’s surface. Now with LANEIGE Water Bank range, maximum hydration and skin radiance is only one step away.

Mini Hyaluronate

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found in the skin and is also a moisturising property that can bind water hundred to thousand times its own mass. Mini Hyaluronate has smaller molecules than regular hyaluronic acid, which promotes the skin’s epidermis penetration and absorption rate to effectively moisturise skin from within the dermis layers. It is also an instant moisture magnet that binds and locks-in even the tiniest amount of moisture in its surroundings. By binding itself to newly created moisture and storing it in the skin, Mini Hyaluronate improves the skin’s moisture retention ability to give longer hours of supple skin.

Moisture RoofTM

Moisture RoofTM was created with LANEIGE’s unique natural oil blending technique and contains high-functional natural oils such as coconut oil, passion flower seed oil, grape seed oil, olive oil and more, which are carefully selected and mixed to create LANEIGE’s unique blend. They have excellent skin hydration and soothing effects, and possess great power in ensuring moisture penetrates deep inside the skin.

Designed to maximize excellent effects for hydration and glow, Moisture RoofTM is made up of a unique mixing ratio and produced with a low-temperature technique. The blending technique optimises its effect without damaging the functionality of the oil and by maximizing its synergy with moisture.

Air-Wetting Formula Technology

The air-wetting formula by LANEIGE combines 3 ingredients – Glycerin, N-Acetyl Glucosamine and Ceramide 3 in an optimal ratio. It helps to achieve a moisture magnet effect by binding the moisture in the air and drawing it into the skin for a more complete and thorough moisturising effect. Additionally, it also helps to prevent moisture from escaping.

Moisturing Biogene TechnologyTM

Moisturising BiogeneTM effectively controls the skin’s water-oil balance and its task is to maintain the moisture balance at an optimum level. It activates the genes involved in the creation of Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF) and the normalization of epidermal cell division, which is important for building up a healthy skin barrier. This allows the skin to maintain moisturising power and effectively retain moisture even under extremely dry conditions.

The Moisturising BiogeneTM technology allows the Hydro Ion Mineral Water to penetrate rapidly into the 20th layer of our skin due to its small water particles to trigger the activation of the moisturising genes to create moisture within the skin. This leaves the skin well- moisturised for 24 hours.

Hydro Ion Mineral Water

There are several types of minerals that exist in our body and they include Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF), which are located in the skin. Six of these minerals contribute to skin moisturisation and are combined with three essential vitamins – A, C & E from the super food, quinoa to increase the penetration rate and promotion of the moisturising gene.

Passion Flower Seed Oil

Passion flower seed oil is one of the main ingredients in Laneige’s Water Bank Double Layering Oil. It is extracted from the passion flower, which is also referred to as a clock plant because of its unique shape that reminds people of the face and hands of a clock. Passion flower seed oil is natural and contains more than 60% of linoleic acid (unsaturated fatty acid) as well as oleic acid and vitamin E. When applied on the skin, not only does the oil lock the moisture, but also protects the epidermis and strengthens the skin barrier.

1. Water Bank Double Layering Oil (New addition to Water Bank range)

LANEIGE Water Bank Double Layering Oil can be used to hydrate dry skin and repair skin damage s by creating a smooth moisturising layer over skin for perfect hydration. On days when your skin needs intensive care, use the LANEIGE Water Bank Double Layering Oil “Sheet Mask” Beauty Tip or LANEIGE Water Bank Double Layering Oil “Dewy Makeup” Beauty Tip for a Dewy Makeup look. Depending on skin condition, the moisturising effect can be further improved by following LANEIGE Water Bank Double Layering Oil “Mix & Match” Beauty Tip through mixing with other Water Bank line products such as Essence_EX, Gel Cream and Moisture Cream.

2. Water Bank Gel Cream

A translucent gel type moisture cream that regulates skin sebum. It’s refreshing and light finish makes it suitable for oily and combination skin especially for hot, humid weather. It can penetrate 20 layers of skin, activating the moisturising gene to relieve dry skin and repair skin damage. It contains Quinoa Extract, which is rich in mineral and nutritional contents, and is created with a mild formula, making it suitable even for sensitive and troubled skin.

3. Water Bank Moisture Cream

A cream type rich-moisture cream that provides a soft and nourishing finish, best suited for normal to dry skin. The Moisture Cream deeply penetrates 20 layers of skin, activating the moisturising gene to relieve dry skin and repair damage from within. Unlike the Gel Cream, the presence of Glasswort Extract helps to maintain the skin’s osmotic pressure and retain moisture as it is rich in minerals. The Water Bank Moisture Cream combats skin dryness from within and improves skin texture and dry lines.

4. Water Bank Essence_EX

An intensive moisture essence that works to balance oil-moisture levels to reveal a smooth and supple skin texture. It provides a burst of moisture to the skin especially when it is feeling unusually dry and patchy. The Water Bank Essence infuses the skin with rich and abundant moisture instantly, rewarding the user with a smooth and moisturised finish all day long. The essence contains White Willow Bark extract, which helps to reduce skin heat in order to lessen the escape of moisture from the skin. Routine use will result in an overall improvement in skin texture.

5. Water Bank Eye Gel

The eye gel is made with a cool, refreshing texture that replenishes moisture and eliminates puffiness while caring for tired eyes. Its moisturising and nourishing nature relieves stress and tension, making it a product that is perfect for the eyes. Its benefits come from the existence of Bilberry in its formula. Bilberry, a medicinal plant used to treat eyes since the 16th century in Europe, stimulates capillary vessel blood circulation while helping to prevent eye dryness. The Palm tree fruit forms a soft moisture film on the skin around the eye area that prevents skin aging.

6. Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask

A moisturising and soothing mask that cools and relieves stress as it melts onto the skin with its semi-opaque hydrogel. It instantly decreases the skin temperature upon application. Made from Green tea extracts and rich in catechin, it supplies nutrients to the skin to prevent aging while Vitamin C helps to keep skin well-moisturised. Tannin, which is present in green tea is known to have an excellent effect on sebum control. The mask also contains Chamomile, an ingredient that works in soothing and calming flushed skin due to heat.

7. Water Bank Creamist

A milky textured face mist that provides deep hydration like a moisturising cream and gives the skin a natural glow. This mist delivers the same moisturising power as the Water Bank Cream, yet can be applied easily and evenly by spraying a fine mist over the face. This product provides a boost of intense moisture as a face mist, allowing women to easily keep their skin moisturised throughout the day, even at work.

The newly added Water Bank Double Layering Oil is priced at RM155 (50ml) and will be available at all LANEIGE boutiques and beauty counters starting May 2017.

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