Therapeutic Air® with MONQ


Breathe Therapeutic Air®, and immediately access a proven history of natural life-enhancing benefits. Unlike topical oils or household diffusers, MONQ directly inserts aromatherapy into your olfactory system. When you pick up a MONQ, you’re holding the key to an ancient wellness art, enhanced for the modern age.


MONQ Therapeutic Air® Portable Aromatherapy Diffusers turn our custom blends of essential oils and vegetable glycerin into water vapor and aromatherapy, so while the term “vaporizer” is technically accurate, it can be slightly misleading. MONQ does not contain any of the ingredients commonly found in many of the devices labeled vaporizers, such as nicotine or artificial flavoring. This is why we choose to call MONQ a portable aromatherapy diffuser rather than a “vaporizer.”

MONQ essential oils are made from all organic and natural ingredients, which are placed into high quality stainless steel devices which are produced conforming with the highest safety standards. Within each device is a lithium battery which heats up a small amount of soy-based vegetable glycerin into which is infused a blend of essential oils and whole plant extracts.


MONQ is a modern aromatherapy delivery device in which breathing in creates a gentle suction. This suction activates a small battery which heats up the aromatherapy liquid which is absorbed onto an organic cotton wick. As the aromatherapy liquid heats up, it turns into a mist consisting of water vapor and carbon dioxide, along with the aromatic compounds released by the heating of the essential oils. You take this mist in to your mouth, complete with a wide variety of healthy terpenes and then exhale through your nose.



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