Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali (Part III)

Spirituality and art are interwoven within Balinese culture and are so deeply ingrained into their lives that the Balinese had no word for art or artist in the past.

Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali offers guidance in painting, woodcarving, basket weaving, yoga, Qi Gong, lifestyle card reading; performing arts such as drama, music and dance along with other international art forms – a combination of activities and exposure that nurtures creative expression and discovery through the beauty and colours of the Balinese arts. The Guest Artist Programme was introduced when the resort opened three years ago and is fast gaining popularity.

A schedule of visiting local and international artists/ masters will guide guests through the artistic experiences. These masters of their trades take up a month-long residency at the resort and provide their expertise in the daytime either in the art studio or the beautiful gardens depending on the art form. The resort has had the pleasure of hosting Ms Gianna Mitchell (painting), Ms Amalia Wai Ching Lee (dance and Qi Gong), Mr Oleg Bondarenko (painting), Ms Jan Merrils (lifestyle card reader) and Ms Sally Stafford (painting).

Guests are free to delve deeply or lightly as desired. The resort researches carefully, the profiles of the potential guest artists/ masters prior to their engagements to ensure that its guests attain authentic and unforgettable experiences. This opportunity for creative self expression and immersion in Balinese arts is a unique and memorable way to conclude the visit to the mystical island.

Journey down the coast

Your southbound journey will provide stunning views of both the sea and mountains. You will pass through the lush agricultural village of Brina before reaching the small fishing village of Tulamben, one of the most popular dive sites in Bali. Next, stop at the magnificent Tirtagangga, the water palace built in ancient times by the king of Karangasem.

The journey continues through the regency of Karangasem around the base of the majestic Mount Agung the highest mountain on the island and one of great spiritual significance to the Balinese. Slightly off‐route is Pura Besakih, the most important Mother Temple to the Hindu Balinese. Continue towards Candidasa the seaside town on the edge of the freshwater lagoon, then head onwards to Tenganan, where the Balinese Aga, an original Balinese community retaining ancient Balinese culture said to be from the pre‐12th century, reside.


Thank you YTL Hotels for hosting my lovely stay at Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali.

A special thanks to AirAsia for collaborating with me on this trip and making my airplane flight to and from Bali a comfortable, safe and happy one. (Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak rocks!)

Special shoutout to our Rooms Division Manager – Mr Fauzi, Assistant Guest Liaison Manager – Mr Gede Lasyawan (DeVilla), personal Chauffeur – Mr Rusmawan, Spa Coordinator – Yun and everyone who made this trip a memorable and unforgettable experience.

A well deserved 5-star rating to the hotel team for their warm hospitality and professionalism.

Bali is definitely the land of rich culture, kind hearts and big smiles. Looking forward to my next trip to Bali.

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