LANEIGE’s New Ideal Shadow Quad

Amp up your eyeshadow game with LANEIGE’s new Ideal Shadow Quad eyeshadow palette.

As the windows to your soul, encourage the attention your eyes deserve with the help of LANEIGE’s Ideal Shadow Quad eyeshadow. Whether it’s a nude yet sophisticated look for a regular day at work or a little glitz and glamour for a night out on the town, make a bold statement with your eyes with eyeshadow as the perfect punctuation.

LANEIGE’s new Ideal Shadow Quad is an eyeshadow palette that delivers vivid, true- to-life colors without compromising on texture to enhance your look with long-lasting perfection for all occasions. Each palette comes with a carefully selected blend of 4 different textures, complete with 10 new-and-improved color themes. Choose from a range of selected looks such as natural, glam, feminine or even come up with your own signature look. Every element of the eyeshadow has been upgraded to give you the tools you need to take on the world in style.


The eyeshadow in LANEIGE’s Ideal Shadow Quad has been enhanced with 4 improved textures made from an exclusive blend of technology and ingredients, giving it better adherence to your eyes that lasts as long as you. These new, rich textures combine high blendability with a soft touch, leaving minimal powder dusting or smudging. Whether its velvety matte, shimmering glitter, silky pudding or glowing satin, each texture is uniquely curated into each palette, equipping you with tools to transform your look at the tips of your fingers.

1. Matte Texture

LANEIGE has developed a Skin Adhesion Powder that helps the matte texture adhere to the skin, giving it strong staying power. The carefully calibrated size of powder particles ensures a smooth application without clumps or creases with a single application. Skin Adhesion Powder is developed via a proprietary process of atomization that uniformly sizes the particles of powder for a clearer color saturation, giving you bolder colors with one effortless application. This same process ensures that each powder particle retains a minuteness that allows it to achieve a cotton and velvety finish.

2. Satin Texture

For the soft glow of satin, LANEIGE formulated a transparency particulate with a high refraction index, like minute pearls, to effectively refract light at various angles, giving off a dazzling appearance. This play of lights makes eyeshadow colors bright and transparent. The superior adherence power of the satin texture is made possible by a special composition of ingredients, achieving a consistency that combines the strengths of both cream and powder textures, which gives the satin texture a softer finish and a natural gradient.

3. Pudding Texture

Similar to the satin texture, the pudding texture emits a soft glow with the use of a combination of pigments and flexible oil binder. This ensures a color persistence that weaves itself into a silky texture for a long-lasting glow. A particulate of high refractivity is used in the making of the eyeshadow to give the appearance of a lustrous finish through the steering of light in various angles.

4. Glitter Texture

To add a little shimmer to your look, the glitter texture combines a perfect ratio of oil of high refractivity and dazzling pearl glitter to reflect light into a prism of color, creating a synergy effect. This pearl pigment gives this shimmering texture a glossiness that dazzles. The pearl pigment is also made up of dermatropic emollient essence and an adhesive ester oil that allows it to stay on your skin for longer without compromising its stability so as not to crease easily.


LANEIGE has carefully selected and matched the colors of eyeshadow to produce 10 makeup palettes of different themes, inspired by LANEIGE’s beauty ideals. Every eyeshadow shade features a specially formulated pigmentation with a high degree of tinting that laces through the pearl powder, which gives every Ideal Shadow Quad palette its vivid and true-to-life colors. Every palette comes in a set of 4 colors, allowing you to unleash your creativity in creating a look that is uniquely you!

LANEIGE Ideal Shadow Quad comes in 10 different colors and texture combinations to suit various skin tones and create the look of your dreams.

Unleash your creativity with LANEIGE Ideal Shadow Quad palette to replicate one of 8 looks inspired by LANEIGE’s beauty ideals, or go one step further and think outside the box to make it your own!


Housed in a sleek and smooth white and silver case, the Ideal Shadow Quad palette makes the perfect companion for all occasions. The case is wide enough for easy access and selection of colors, for a quicker application. Inside, the case comes equipped with a mirror and specially designed double-ended shadow/blending brush for you to apply that professional finish on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. The improved design of this compact applicator features an improved grip, an angle-cut brush of wool fiber on one end and a flexible tip on the other for that silky-smooth eyeshadow application every time.

LANEIGE Ideal Shadow Quad will be available at all LANEIGE beauty counters and boutiques in Malaysia starting in June at RM125.

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