Aesthetics at Beverly Wilshire Medical (Part II)

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If you’ve read the first half of this post, I mentioned I will be doing a follow-up on my current results and recent trip to Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre.

As some of you know, I visited Dr Wong Chee Hin at Beverly Wilshire Clinic, Tropicana City Mall@Petaling Jaya in April because of his expertise on aesthetic procedures. I opted for some procedures for the lower half of my face, under-eye and nose to enhance my natural facial features.

Fillers take a few days to a week (depending on how your body reacts) for it to finally ‘settle’ in place. Although results are immediate, if you experience minor swelling or bruising it is best to give the fillers a few days to a week in order for it to set completely. After my initial visit and treatment, I was told to book a follow-up appointment as this is quite the norm, especially if you get fillers and BTA done.

The massater muscle was the BTA target site and I was told that this procedure took a minimum of 2-3 weeks to show results. The treatment will continuously improve the shape of the jawline and face where optimum results are seen within 1-2 months after treatment.

During this visit, Dr Wong took more before & after photos of my face from different angles (headshots, side profile, etc) for comparison purposes. He asked how I felt about my fillers and BTA so far (I personally didn’t have from any bruising or swelling); if I was happy with the results so far and with how my face and side profile looked at the moment.

I told him how happy I was with my jawline (BTA) and eye bags and that I would like a little more ‘help’ on the tip of my nose as I wanted a more upturned appearance, as my last visit focused on the bridge of my nose. As usual, he made sure to use exactly the right amount of filler to refine my preference further. (no more or no less than I needed). He prepared my face for the filler by first cleansing it then apply a numbing cream and a few minutes later, he proceeded with touching up my nose tip.

For the first few days after the procedure my nose was a little sore, especially when I washed and wiped my face and accidentally touched my nose but now it has completely recovered and feels normal. So far I’ve been enjoying my V-line jaw, enhanced nose profile and my not-so-visible eye bags.

Thank you again to the incredible team at Beverly Wilshire Clinic, Tropicana City Mall@Petaling Jaya.

A special thanks to Wendy, Tiffany, Jacqueline and of course Dr Wong for the warm hospitality and making me feel comfortable throughout my entire experience.

More on Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre: http://www.beverlywilshiremedical.com/

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