Meso Hydration at Beverly Wilshire Medical

A few days ago, I visited Dr Wong Chee Hin at Beverly Wilshire Clinic, Tropicana City Mall@Petaling Jaya for a quick perk-me-up treatment for my dry skin. Recently my skin has been extra dry, dull and lackluster. I guess I haven’t been getting enough rest, drinking enough water and have been on the go constantly. Since Hari Raya is a few weeks away, I thought this would be the perfect time for me to rehydrate and have my skin looking its best. Dr Wong recommended I give Mesohydration a go.


Mesohydration is an injection treatment that nourishes and promotes the health of the skin, this is delivered to the layers of the skin where cell repair and growth occurs.

Vitamins, amino-acids, minerals, hyaluronic acid, all essential components for healthy skin cells, can be delivered by Mesohydration. This treatment helps improve dull, tired looking skin; dry, lifeless skin, superficial wrinkles, and is an ideal pick me up.

A series of tiny injections are done to the full face or areas that particularly need attention. The treatment is tolerated well however a numbing cream is used prior to the treatment which improves comfort. A course of 3-4 sessions are advised every 2 weeks, with maintenance 1-2 times a year.

The Procedure

My skin was cleaned and prepped as per usual. Areas of the face were sterilized with alcohol swabs. Numbing cream was applied all over my face and cling wrap was placed above. (to prevent the numbing cream from dissipating in air so quickly). This treatment took about 2 hours.

Dr Wong described to me the 2 methods available for the Mesohydration treatment.

  1. A series of tiny micro surface injections are done to the full face or areas that particularly need attention. This is the traditional method for Mesohydration – This is the least painful but bumps/ marks on the skin will be visible a few days after. Likelihood of bruising is also higher.
  2. A cannula is placed in only 6 points of the face (3 on each side – upper cheek, lower cheek & jaw), and the needle goes through the cannula points to deliver the vitamins underneath the skin. – Although a little more painful, this method has NO downtime. It also has a very low chance of bruising. I opted for this method because I have meetings scheduled a day right after my treatment and did not want bumps/ red marks (like after a facial + extraction) all over my face.

The insertion of the cannula gave me slight discomfort. But, here’s a little description of the cannula & it’s advantages.

Dermal filler cannulas with blunt tips have been developed for use with hyaluronic acid (HA) and non HA dermal fillers. The length and flexibility allow aesthetic practitioners to cover a larger surface area with a single entry point. Blunt tip dermal filler cannulas slide through subcutaneous layer rather that cutting through tissue and vessels like traditional hypodermic needles.

With less damage caused and improved maneuverability, filler injections with blunt tip dermal filler cannulas are performed more quickly with less pain. This results in less bruising, improved patient comfort and increased precision.

The feeling of the cannula being inserted under the skin is probably the weirdest, aching, poking pressure I have ever felt. It felt like a metal worm got under my skin and was crawling just beneath the surface. (Yikes!) However, once the cannula was in, the delivery of Hyaluronic Acid was quick and pain-free. 1 down, 5 more to go.

At the end of the end of the procedure, I could feel the numbing cream wearing off. I was glad the treatment was finally over. Dr Wong applied some topical cream to prevent infection & bruising. Lastly, a cooling Aloe Vera mask was applied to my skin (felt so cool and calming) to reduce swelling, puffiness and irritation. This was a very relaxing experience.

The Results

All in all, I think this procedure is a great fit for those who want a ‘liquid lift’ or a quick face rejuvenation. A few hours after my procedure, my face was a little sore to the touch. I had to be very careful washing my face and applying skincare products. However, I did not experience ANY swelling or bruising. A few days after, my skin was glowing! I had such radiant, plump & dewy skin. It looked amazing and still does.


I’d recommend this procedure if you want to see a lift to your face, and dewiness on the skin.I really enjoyed my results and can see myself undergoing this treatment again for that glow especially if there’s a huge event coming up, and I’ll opt for the 1st method as I personally feel that it is more comfortable. Dr Wong did a fantastic job and keeping me calm and relaxed throughout the procedure and remains to be my favorite doctor for aesthetic procedures.

Thank you again to the incredible team at Beverly Wilshire Clinic, Tropicana City Mall@Petaling Jaya.

A special thanks to Wendy, Tiffany, Jacqueline and of course Dr Wong for the warm hospitality and making me feel comfortable throughout my entire experience.

More on Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre: http://www.beverlywilshiremedical.com/

2 days after Mesohydration. Barefaced with no edits. Skin is radiant, glowing and supple. (You can still see some redness on my forehead from the treatment but this is easily covered with some concealer.)

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