LANEIGE’s Sun Care Line keeps skin hydrated and protected for care-free fun under the sun

Skin issues have become the top concern for Malaysian women. From uneven or dull complexion, to blemishes and skin dryness, women seek products to mitigate these skin conditions. Most of these skin concerns are a correlation of daily exposure to harmful UV rays.

When exposed to UV rays, the two proteins that form the dermis layer of the skin, elastin and collagen, become destroyed, generating wrinkles and melasma. In extreme cases, it is even attributed to skin cancer. In addition, exposure to UV rays can also dehydrate the skin surface, causing moisture loss that leads to accelerated aging and pigmentation. However, these skin- related issues can be prevented, with the proper sun care.

LANEIGE’s new Sun Care line offers the best of both worlds with its latest Water ScreenTM technology. Available in 3 textures that cater to all skin types, this new technology not only provides protection from harmful UV rays, but also helps skin retain its moisture by forming a moisture barrier that keeps skin constantly hydrated and refreshed. This upgraded line of Sun Care provides users with a water-based sunscreen for a refreshing and moisturizing experience, with optimum comfort upon application.


LANEIGE’s newly formulated Water ScreenTM technology essentially forms an invisible moisture barrier around the skin, shielding skin cells from the harmful effects of UV rays. In addition, it maintains the moisture balance of the skin by preventing moisture loss as well as increasing skin moisture levels. This technology is a combination of 3 main ingredients in an optimal ratio:

Hydro-Ion Mineral Water

The Water Screen Technology is infused with Hydro-Ion Mineral Water, a combination of stabilized minerals that are essential to skin. This formula enables efficient hydration of cells by accelerating the delivery of these minerals to the skin cells. This quick and deep absorption into the skin boosts hydration and optimizes moisturization.


The LANEIGE R&D team have developed this substance through a process of liquid- cultivation and extraction of schizophyllum commune mycelium. This ensures the water- solubility and viscosity of the glucan enabling it to function as a shield against moisture loss, helping skin retain its moisture in addition to increasing skin moisture levels.

Polyphenol from plants is an anti-oxidant that reduces irritation to the skin from external factors. It is also effective in relieving damages to the skin as a result of UV rays, soothing and protecting skin from harm.


LANEIGE recognizes that everyone has different skin types with different application preferences. As such, the new Sun Care Line comes with 3 improved textures made from an original blend of ingredients for a diversified choice of textures and benefits in each product to suit all skin types. Each texture incorporates LANEIGE’s milder 6-free formula, and is free from 6 harmful additives, i.e. mineral oil, animal ingredients, tar color, talc, triethanolamine and imidazolidinyl urea.

Watery Sun Cream with SPF50+ and PA++++ (50ml, RM110)

The Watery Sun Cream, designed for neutral to dry skin, uses LANEIGE’s tried and tested watery formula in the form of a moisturizing cream, texture giving the impression of a burst of water droplets with each application. This texture combines powerful UV protecting with a refreshing sensation which boosts skins hydration and firmly blocks UV rays. This moisturizing sun care cream contains a special blend of 7 amino acids that make up the natural moisturizing factor and birch sap which nourishes and moisturizes skin, for a comfortable application. It also has a strong sustaining power and a resistance to sweat and water, keeping your skin hydrated and protected as you go about your day.

Light Sun Fluid with SPF50+ and PA+++ (50ml, RM100)

The Light Sun Fluid, a lighter texture formulated for oily and combination skin, is a neat UV defense which offers a brightness and lightness that refreshes as well as defends. With this light formula, expect zero stuffiness and all-round freshness and comfort. This thin and light texture that feels like lotion incorporates oil-control with a selected combination of oil- balancing powder for smarter oil-moisture balancing on the skin as well as mint water for that soothing and refreshing effect. This water-resistant formula withstands sweat, for better adherence and a prolonged freshness giving you a welcome break from the heat.

Marshmallow Sun Cushion with SPF 50+ and PA+++ (10g, RM110)

Being the first of its kind, this marshmallow-textured cushion gently blocks UV rays with a simple and mild defense. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, the new concept behind the marshmallow cushion design enables quick and easy application for those of us who need to

constantly layer-up on the sunscreen throughout the day. Moist on the inside, yet smooth and fresh on the outside, the marshmallow-like balm texture contains 100% organic ingredients for a mild yet powerful texture. An extract from Japanese apricot combined with skin soothing powder that is a composite of licorice and caffeine, gives the Marshmallow Sun Cushion its soothing effect and fresh, soft finish for layered-on convenience.


LANEIGE’s Sun Care Line takes into account the two types of UV rays and its effects on the skin and our well-being. As such, each product in the Sun Care Line is specifically designed to protect the skin against the following harmful UV substances:

UVA – The main cause of melasma, blemishes, wrinkles and premature skin aging. Hence, all LANIEGE Sun Care Line products are formulated with a minimum of PA+++ for optimum protection

UVB – Substance that causes erythema, skin cancer, cataract, redness or burns and become more severe upon ozone depletion. Each product in the Sun Care Line has an Sun Protection Factor, SPF of at least SPF50+


LANEIGE’s Sun Care Line comes in an upgraded packaging of bright and young yellow for a vibrant outlook, a perfect companion for fun in the sun. Housed in a compact bottle and case, LANEIGE has designed the Sun Care Line with portability and convenience to keep up with your active lifestyle. Leaving no detail to chance, LANEIGE has incorporated a wave-like indent on the bottle cap for an easy grip and stylist finish. The new Marshmallow Cushion Sun is a first-of-its-kind cushion compact sunblock packaged in an easy-to-carry case.

LANEIGE’s new Sun Care Line will be available at all LANEIGE beauty counters and boutiques in Malaysia starting July 2017.


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