LANEIGE Water Glow

Laneige’s new Water Glow line brings the natural glow of youthfulness back to your complexion!

It’s needless to say that cosmetics hold an important place in the lives of women today. It is ingrained into lifestyle and daily routines. Women try to look their best by covering up skin blemishes, trying to achieve the once youthful luster of their skin. Instead of concealing imperfections with makeup, Laneige suggests a better alternative: concentrating on enhancing the skin’s natural light.

The Inspiration Behind Laneige’s New Water Glow

A recent Skin Optics Research by Amorepacific reveals that skin youthfulness can be achieved by simply focusing on the skin’s natural light. The research shows that the secret to the transparent and healthy skin complexion of a baby is due to the natural reflection of blue light waves caused by the composition of a baby’s skin.

Laneige’s new Water Glow Base Corrector and Foundation uses a newly engineered technology called the Baby Blue BootingTM, where pigmentation particles have been specially formulated to reflect only blue light, giving the impression of transparency of complexion and brightens dark or yellow skin tones.


According to the Skin Optics Research conducted by Amorepacific in 2013, Laneige has determined that skin is perceived as most transparent when boosting blue light that reflects off the skin’s surface. That’s why Laneige has included a newly formulated magic pigment that is enhanced by the Baby Blue BoostingTM technology, causing particles to specifically reflect blue light, effectively increasing skin transparency and brightens dark, yellowish skin tones.


In order to help the skin attain that youthful glow, Laneige uses the Glow Lighting System that incorporates pearl-like properties into the fine micro particles of the product. The enhanced minuteness of the particles is almost 1/6 the size of regular skin cells, enabling them to settle in the midst of skin cells and encourage the reflection of light on the skin. The result is a brightening of skin complexion by utilizing the skin to reflect the surrounding light, helping skin emit a natural pearl-like glow.


Ever wondered why the sea appears so blue? That’s because water reflects primarily blue light rays, making the sea sparkle and shine. In the same way, in order for the skin to reflect the blue light that is synonymous to youthfulness, your skin needs moisture. With that in mind, Laneige has enhanced the texture of the Water Glow line products, stabilizing it to include even more moisture than its predecessor, the Water Supreme line.

The Water Holding Layer is a special technology developed by Amorepacific that tightly contains the moisture within the product for your skin.

  • 40% moisture content in Water Glow Base Corrector
  • 74% moisture content in Water Glow Foundation


Introducing a new and improved skin tone correcting base which helps skin glow brighter and exude the essence of youth: Water Glow Base Corrector. Specially formulated with Laneige’s Baby Blue BoostingTM technology, the Base Corrector reflects blue light waves off the surface of the skin, adding baby-like transparency and smoothness to your complexion. The glow lighting system in this updated product turns the skin-light on, naturally illuminating the skin by ensuring that each particle reflects the optimum amount of brightness under any kind of light. The emitted glow covers up flaws and blemishes, giving skin a natural tone-up.

Introducing a new and improved skin tone correcting base which helps skin glow brighterTo maximize moisture content, the Water Glow Base Corrector integrates a water holding layer that pulls moisture from the air, keeping the skin feeling moisturized even after applying makeup. Its superior adhesion strength ensures long-lasting comfort for the skin, giving your skin a natural glow that lasts throughout the day. Coupled with a higher SPF of 41 and PA++, the Water Glow Base Corrector gives your skin a natural tone correction and keeps you feeling fresh and protected throughout the day.


The Water Glow line also introduces a moist Gel Foundation that spreads a thin, tight layer over the skin, both moisturizing the skin and enhancing the glow of youth. Laneige has tailored a water gel matrix that enables the Gel Foundation to contain 74% moisture, an upgrade from 39% moisture content of its predecessor, the Water Supreme line. It also features an innovative texture that gives a water-bursting sensation when applied on the skin, refreshing the skin despite the layering on makeup.

Each color variation of the Gel Foundation ensures a tailored skin fit, as it will be evenly absorbed into the skin with each applied layer. The pigment particles are coated with essential amino acid derivatives for the skin such as disodium stearoyl glutamate, as well as skin components, ensuring that the foundation adheres to the skin evenly without lumps, as well as maintains its feature and color. As each micro pigment particle is coated, the foundation’s features are preserved even when in contact with water, allowing for high moisture content to be fitted into the product

The improved adhesion strength is also achieved through a hyper grinding technology that makes pigment particles 200 times smaller than the original foundation. These micro particles are diffused minutely and blends into with the natural skin tone by scattering the undertone of the skin, ensuring an even application each time with maximized adhesion that sets into the best color for a natural skin tone.

In addition, these micro pigment particles yield a super thin layering cover of foundation that doesn’t feel thicker despite layering up for coverage. This allows you to choose the makeup coverage that best expresses your look; whether it’s a single layer to achieve the ‘Tinted Moisturizer’ effect, or layer on up to five layers for the ‘Coverage Foundation’ effect, the enhanced pigment particles’ incredible adhesion to the skin surface makes the foundation look just like your own skin, but better!

After extensive market research on best-selling products of global cosmetic brands, Laneige has created an advanced color variation for its Gel Foundation, ensuring that it develops a color that complements any complexion. These new colors, coupled with the fresh feeling and high adhesion strength of the micro pigment particles, helps the foundation remain on the skin, emitting a lasting vibrant glow.

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