$2000 Swiss Cream – Does it work?

Last week, I was invited to an exclusive white, pink & rose gold luncheon in the heart of KL, where the La Colline NativAge range was launched.

La Colline was born in the heart of a fascinating region: the protected valley of the Rhone River in Switzerland’s Valais Canton. The birthplace of the brand is Sion, a town nestled between two hills (“collines” in French): Valère and Tourbillon, the symbols of immutable strength.

Since then, La Colline Cellular Research Laboratories has made in the Swiss Riviera hub of biotechnological industry, an active contribution to leading-edge research in a world-renowned Swiss specialty: cellular therapy.

Values: High Technology, Aesthetic Subtlety

La Colline’s product range comprises 7 skincare entries offering sophisticated solutions to the anti-aging needs of a clientele that includes both women and men.

A pioneer in the use of collagen masks, an advanced technology for stimulating the cellular bio-matrix, La Colline develops exceptional treatments for optimal anti-aging effectiveness.

Its innovative formulas are based on high-performance biotech active ingredients and botanical extracts that deliver immediate and long-lasting visible results to beautify the skin.

Many years ago, along the shores of the Swiss Biotechnological Riviera, were a group of scientists studying the three vital elements for life: oxygenation, hydration and protection. Throughout their studies, the scientists became determined in finding a solution to improve cell-oxygenation. They knew that they had to create a sophisticated technology that would work deep within the skin, right at the heart of each cell. Through great trial and effort, their achieved their goal and the CMAge® Complex was born. The Complex was designed to stimulate cellular metabolism and contains key ingredients that promote cell-oxygenation through hydration and protection.

NativAge La Crème
An Exceptional Cream with a Revolutionary Ec0-Regenerating Concept

Based on the most recent breakthroughs in the fight against cutaneous aging, NATIVAGE La Crème is the first comprehensive anti-aging cream to offer the ultra-effective action of eco-regeneration. La Colline’s core CMAge® Complex stimulates cellular metabolism and improves cell-oxygenation, while the exclusive Cell Life Extender technology transforms free-radicals into water and oxygen, thus replenishing the cells with vital elements for optimal health.

Their Cell Life Extender formula has the capacity to (1) neutralize free radicals, (2) transform harmful pro-oxidant molecules into water and oxygen which is the basic substances of life that preserve cells’ youthful vitality, and (3) continually recycle metabolic wastes into vital components.

This cream (50ml) retails for a steep RM1949. It can be found exclusively in selected Sasa outlets.

The Power of CMAge®

The technology is a combination of six of the finest botanical active ingredients. These carefully sourced active ingredients undergo a bio-fermentation process to ensure that only ingredients of the highest quality are being extracted for the products. The bio-fermentation process also helps to stabilize the ingredients, resulting in the most effective formulation.

  • Oxygenation

Dunaliella Saline (alga) and Oat Proteins protect the mitochondria and promote improved oxygenation levels by increasing levels of cellular ATP (energy) and stimulating cellular metabolism.

  • Hydration

Hyaluronic Acid (high weight) creates a semipermeable film to hydrate and retain water at the surface of the skin, ensuring suppleness, elasticity and firmness.

  • Protection

The protective element of The Complex is composed of three key ingredients: complex of Ceramides, Wheatgerm DNA and Artemisia. The complex of Ceramides is used to maintain the integrity of the skin’s superficial layer and protect against dryness. Wheatgerm DNA is used to protect against elastase activity and mimics a healing process for DNA cells. Finally, Artemisia is used to protect the cell from any free-radical activity. Artemisia is a highly tolerant plant that can survive in even the harshest climates; it is filled with anti-oxidants and holds anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The Artemisia that is used in the CMAge® Complex is cultivated in Switzerland.


I’ve been using it for about 5 days so far, and for the first few days, my skin broke out like crazy! I have no idea why, I have dry skin and usually react positively to rich, intensive creams like the NativAge Le Creme.

I’ve continued to use the cream, and decided to work through the initial ‘purge’ of breakouts, and currently, my skin is in pretty good shape. La Colline promises immediate (basically, a few days) to see visible results.

I haven’t seen a drastic change in my skin’s appearance, besides the fact that it is slightly more moisturized. I’m looking forward to continue using the cream, and I hope to be able to see more drastic results in the next few days.

La Colline is available in selected Sasa Malaysia stores.
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