K-Glam is available in Malaysia!

A week ago, Kino Biotech Malaysia launched K Glam, a newly setup e-store that sells exclusive Korean beauty products. K Glam carries only authentic and genuine beauty brands from Korea. 20 new (to Malaysia) reputable brands are available on K Glam. These brands include Cosmetea, Rivecowe, Simplistic, Fascy, RenardBlanc and Homelec just to name a few.

K Glam is available on local online platforms such as 11Street, Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee and SuperDeals as well as in Kinohimitsu official online store. In the future, KGlam is planned to be made available via Astro Go Shop. Multiple attractive offers will be available from 22 October until 30 November 2018 to increase awareness of these brands, and encourage customers to try them.

I was given a ton of new Korean beauty products and thought it’d be great to share some of my thoughts on them here.

1.) COSMETEA Control Mask – Chamomile Tea Blemish Mask

I was told that the Cosmetea Tea Control Masks are made with eco-friendly L-CELL 100% Cellulose Fiber Sheets, which adheres perfectly to the face and helps to maximize the benefits of the mask’s essence (which features a blend of botanical oil, botanical extracts, and tea water).

Here are some cool points on Cosmetea Chamomile Tea Blemish Mask:

  • Chamomile and Peony extract soothe irritated skin and moringa oil nourishes skin.
  • Features Jelly Essence, Chamomile Extract, Peony Extract, Moringa Oil
  • Eco-friendly sheet mask to minimize skin irritation and enhance the adherence to skin

2.) COSMETEA – Tea Ampoule

Capacity – 2ml x 10ea (1 box 10 bottles)

I actually got to try this product on stage, where they did a a hydration test on my skin prior to the ampoule. The results showed my skin dry and dehydrated. Upon application, the ampoule felt light and refreshing. Less than a minute later, another hydration test was taken and showed my skin’s hydration levels improving drastically.

  • 1 bottle equal to 10 pieces of mask which also 12 times of the hydrating night moisturizer/cream =98% high concentration =It moisturizes rough skin.

T3 Whitening Tea Ampoule

  • T3 Whitening Tea Ampoule is a functional treatment product that helps to brighten dull skin in a short period of time.
  • Regular use will brighten your complexion and moisturize, plump up your skin.

3.) COSMETEA Milk Tea EE Cream Foundation Pact

One of my favorite products! This is an essence, base, and foundation all in one! For fresh, dewy skin! Whitening, wrinkle-reducing, sunscreen SPF50+/PA++ product. Plant extracts from essence tea polyphenols in JeJu Island Concealer elements from pearl powder, silk powder, ruby powder, diamond powder. For people who want a moisturizing product with natural-looking coverage,  smooth and brightening function, easy-to-fix and cost-effective makeup pact.

What does EE mean?

EE stands for Essential Essence. The product creates a moist and radiant look for your skin. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and Glutathione making your skin look supple. Most importantly it’s hydrating with 43% water essence in the product. Waterproof coating silicon puff. The puff allows the skin to absorb as much goodness from the essential essence of the product without any wastage.

  • 3-in-1 EE foundation pact (essence, makeup base, foundation)
  • Marbling essence
  • Moist and silky make-up
  • Dewy and strong concealing power
  • Perfect foundation for whitening & reduce wrinkles
  • Whitening + SunScreen
  • SPF 50+/PA+++
  • One color fits all

4.) COSMETEA DRN Face Lifting 4D Roller 

This product totally drew me in. As some of you know, I love investing in facial tools. I find that it really helps with puffiness & sagginness. The DRN Face Lifting 4D roller is said to provide absorption of skincare products. It also has face-lifting functions and promotes lymph and blood circulation.

  • Platinum rolling ball made by Clean Platinum makes elastic face line
  • Even sensitive skin can use without irritation with clean platinum surface
  • User friendly shape handle for easy and comfortable use

How to make elastic skin:

  • For Saggy chin/cheek – Smoothly massage chin line and rolling cheek line to prevent saggy chin and cheek
  • Nasolabial line – smoothly massage nasolabial line for elastic skin
  • Eye line/Forehead – Smoothly massage eyeline and rolling face line for blood circulation and relieving swelling

These products are now available here! Enjoy K-beauty shopping!

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