CNP Laboratory Vita-B – Pink Energy

CNP Laboratory Vita-B line: Recharge skin’s pink energy with a Vitamin B ‘supplement’!

CNP Laboratory is the brainchild of 50 dermatologists at the renowned CNP Skin Clinic in Seoul. Originally-developed for patients as after-treatment care at home, CNP’s high-quality products have become a cult favorite after beauty lovers discovered their incredible benefits and results.

Living a healthy, urban lifestyle is not easy: to keep your physical condition in tiptop shape, getting the recommended amounts of vitamins each day is essential. Abundant in green vegetables, whole grains, dairy and meat, Vitamin B helps promote a healthy metabolism and boosts the immune system. With better eating habits, your body becomes stronger and more resilient, from the inside out.

But what about for your skin? City life exposes our complexion to a barrage of external attacks like pollution, air-conditioning and extreme weather. Is there a ‘supplement’ that works to keep skin healthy from the outside in?

Get your skin in the pink of health with Vita-B by CNP Laboratory!

Our skin needs nutrients too – with 7 types of Vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 & B12), CNP Laboratory Vita-B line works like a multivitamin supplement to recharge your skin! There’s no need to wait for a miracle; your glow-up starts now!

  • Pink hydro-glow:
    Say goodbye to dehydrated, dull skin with a blend of revitalizing ingredients!
  • Brighter skin tone:
    Double whitening effect thanks to Glutathione + Niacinamide
  • Low-irritant & fast-absorbing:
    The skin-friendly and non-sticky formula is great for even oily or sensitive skin types.

Vita-B Line Key Ingredients:

  1. 7 Vita-B Complex – a fermented complex consisting of 7 types of Vitamin B, uniquely concocted by CNP Laboratory’s Skin Specialists. It easily replenishes moisture to skin that’s lacking in vitality due to external environmental stress while delivering a soothing effect.
  2. Cherry Blossom Water – purified water has been replaced with Korean Cherry Blossom Water, which has more superior hydrating benefits to give skin a naturally-dewy effect.
  3. Glutathione – this powerful antioxidant is added to Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) for a double dose of whitening power, lightening pigmentation for a more luxurious, even-toned glow.
  4. Glyceryl Glucoside & Sodium Hyaluronate – these moisturizers drench skin’s deeper dermal layers, locking in hydration for long-lasting comfort. Best of all, there’s no heavy, greasy feeling!

Vita-B Energy Ampule (RM123, 15ml)

This is THE multivitamin supplement made for lacklustre skin! Specially-created to put that ‘pink glow’ back in your skin, you can even use it as a booster by mixing it with a moisturizer or cream mask.
Usage: After cleansing and toning, distribute a few drops of the Ampule evenly on fingertips and tap gently over skin.

Vita-B Energy Gel Cream (RM150, 50ml)

A super-hydrating gel cream, infused with Vitamin B to give your skin that pinkish glow-up effect! The cooling formula is perfect as an after-sun treatment, and can also be used as a sleeping mask.
Usage: As the final step of your skincare regime before sunscreen, apply onto face and neck in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area. To use as sleeping mask, apply a thicker layer on skin and massage until fully-absorbed.

CNP Laboratory Vita-B line will be available in April 2019 at selected THE FACE SHOP stores.

CNP Laboratory Vita-B line will be available in April 2019 at selected THE FACE SHOP stores & estore www.thefaceshop.com.my

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